Do you have black mold in your house? Here’s what you should do

Nov 1, 2022 | Black mold, Molds | 0 comments

Black mold is extremely toxic and often has a dark green or black appearance. It usually multiplies and grows rapidly in the presence of moisture and moderate temperature. It is common to find mold in kitchens and bathrooms because of the moisture level in these places, as well as in areas that involve water leaks, such as ceilings or windows.  

Black mold in your home can be a disturbing finding because it poses a threat to the health of everyone who has been near it. People with respiratory problems and allergies are especially prone to the health risks of being exposed to mold. Once you have identified the origin and cause of the black mold growth, it is best to contact a professional immediately to get the issue under control and eliminate the root of the problem for good.

Find the location and identify the type of mold

You can identify black mold by its slimy texture and by its color, which may be dark green or black. This type of mold often appears as patches or spots that spread rapidly over time in areas with moisture. Black mold mostly appears and grows under cupboards, sinks, corners, and moist cardboard boxes. 

Make sure to inspect your house, pay close attention to the musty smell that black mold gives off, and locate the source. You can also use a flashlight to carefully inspect the dark corners of the space. After locating the source, it’s best if you call professional help to take over the next steps. We here at 911FloodsRUs have years of experience in getting rid of mold, ensuring your family’s health comes first.

Health risks of black mold in the home

Black mold can grow rapidly, going from a barely noticeable stain on your wall to a colony in 24 to 48 hours. This might seem extreme but there is a scientific reason behind it: molds reproduce by spores, which are similar to small seeds, that travel through the air. Once the spores are attached to a surface, the mold will destroy the material it is on and continue to spread. This is how they can reproduce quickly and almost imperceptibly at first, and their small and lightweight nature is also the reason for the health risks they pose.

The health consequences of black mold in individuals often begin before the mold is noticeable, making them unwell without them knowing the cause or reason behind their symptoms.

The following are some of the health risks of black molds in the home:

  • Rashes and allergies: If the black mold spores get into the nose, it can worsen the symptoms of nasal allergies. It aggravates allergy symptoms, and these individuals often develop red bumps and irritation patches. 
  • Fatigue and achy muscles: It is best to check the home for signs of black mold if you suddenly feel muscle aches and fatigue. Black mold often makes the body feel heavy and run down after being in a closed space for a long time. 
  • Irritation and respiratory issues: black mold often causes a persistent cough that feels heavy or thick in the lungs. If you develop a cough that develops into a wheezing sound, it could be a result of black mold. Individuals with no allergies can also experience irritation symptoms from inhaling the spores. 

Why you should involve a professional to get rid of black mold

As you can see, black mold is a serious problem with concrete consequences for anyone who comes into contact with it. It’s clear it should be treated as a dangerous material, which is why professionals are best suited for the job. The elimination of mold is generally a cautious process, each type of mold comes with its own risks and properly removing them from your home can involve a mixture of procedures and chemical materials. With black mold, however, the process is a bit more complicated. If disturbed, black mold will release the spores we have mentioned before, worsening the infestation and possibly flying directly into the person’s respiratory system, entering their lungs and causing direct health problems. To avoid that, our team of experts has the necessary protective equipment as well as the tools and chemicals needed to remove the mold without it releasing the spores, thereby containing the issue and safely removing it from your home. We can also analyze the extent of the infestation and the overall damage the mold might have caused so far.

Molds tend to grow and regrow over again as long as the spores are still in the home. Sometimes, the mold spores’ contamination becomes airborne, meaning that your entire home will be infected without you noticing it until it is too late. Luckily, our expert team can make sure the spores are contained as soon as we arrive, preventing further damage. Our 911FloodsRUs team will conduct a thorough cleaning and removal process to eliminate and contain the spread of mold. 

Get rid of black mold in your home!

The presence of black mold in any closed space, such as your home or office, poses a definite risk to the health of anyone that has come into contact with it. If you think you might have a mold problem in your home the best course of action would be to call professional help immediately. Avoid being too close to the infected area to prevent any possible health risks, and make sure to call for help. In order to assist you in making your home a safe space again we can start with a mold contamination test, to determine the gravity of the situation, followed by our mold remediation procedure that will ensure your problem is well taken care of. 

Once you contact 911FloodsRUs you can rest assured that your mold infestation will be addressed thoroughly. We have years of professional experience and expertise in a wide range of mold issues, whether they are a small infected area product of a simple water leak, all the way up to the aftermath of a flood, where the presence of mold can be almost inevitable. There is no need for you to worry either way, because we know just how to help you. You can call us at (470) 851-0818 or send us an email at [email protected], and trust that we can take care of your family in no time.