Top 4 steps to take after fire damage to restore your property 

Oct 3, 2022 | Fire damage | 0 comments

Fires are more common in the U.S. than most people think. According to NEPA (National Fire Protection Association), there were 1.3 million local fire incidents in the U.S. in 2021, resulting in 14,700 civilian injuries, 3,800 deaths, and approximately $16 billion in property damages.

Considering there is a fire department somewhere in the U.S. responding to a fire emergency every 23 seconds, it helps to know what to do when the worst happens. We all know fires can be devastating and we are not firefighters, these are not tips on what to do during a fire, but rather we are here to help you with the aftermath. Once everyone is safe and the fire has been contained,  it’s time to deal with the restoration process, that our area of expertise.

Here you can find our top 4 steps to know what you should do after a fire to restore your property:

Step 1: Notify your insurance company

The claims process should commence immediately. Start by calling your insurance company and notifying them of the fire. Depending on your insurance coverage, you can rebuild and claim or wait for your insurance company to process the claim and pay. During your call, you should get important information on the entire claims process. You can also get a Xactimate estimate to get a more accurate cost estimate, which you can then take to your insurance company. 

Step 2: Document everything

Take enough pictures and videos to record the extent of the damage. Pay attention to the foundation walls, basement walls, windows, interior load-bearing walls, basement/attic floor joists, and home components like furniture and appliances.

Detailed records will make the work of your insurance company and restoration professionals easier. Pictures and videos are critical for giving clues on the source of the fire, the extent of fire damage, and calculating the estimated cost of fire restoration services.

But keep in mind: the extent of documentation should be dictated by safety. Fire can destroy or weaken structures making it dangerous to go inside your property and take photos. If that’s the case, document what you can only from a safe distance and wait for professional fire restoration experts. We would be glad to help you with the structure cleaning process, to evaluate the safety of your structure and the extent of the damage. 

Step 3: Secure the property

If your property can be secured (i.e., the entryways aren’t completely damaged), secure the home. The chances of your fire-damaged home being vandalized are high. Many insurance companies insist on this step to avoid unnecessary losses. You can cover broken windows and doors with boards and take any other possible measures to prevent vandalism.

Step 4: Seek professional fire damage restoration services immediately

These steps should be followed alongside the ongoing communication you must have with your insurance company. A well-documented fire claim can be processed in a short time. When you get authorization to restore your property, it will be time to call a professional fire damage restoration company to start restoring your property as quickly as possible. This will prevent further damage (which in turn will help you save money) and will be the first step to getting your home back, so you
and your family can safely move in again. 


Fires result in a lot of soot that can pose health risks if it isn’t removed properly. There may also be a need for structural rebuilding and repairs. To ensure your home structures are intact and safe for your family, you must consider professional fire damage restoration services involving experts like our team of structural engineers, architects, and construction professionals. We pride ourselves on having the right equipment and the highest standards to deliver results that meet your expectations. 


As experts in this field, we understand firsthand the stress associated with fire damage, which is why we would love to help you. If you are searching for a professional fire damage restoration company in Northern Georgia, consider 911FloodsRUs. You can contact us to get a free fire damage estimate. You can also call us at (470) 851-0818, we are available 24/7.

This will be a worry-free situation thanks to our 30 years of fire damage restoration experience. We work with insurers to speed up claims and we also offer quick responses 24/7/365. This problem doesn’t have to be more stressful than it already is. You can go be with your family now, we’ll take it from here.