Smoke Restoration: the second stage of Fire Damage Restoration

Dec 5, 2022 | Floods | 0 comments

We know firsthand the havoc that a fire can wreak, but did you know that the smoke also plays a crucial role in how bad the damages are? 

A fire leaves behind a lingering smoke odor and even parts of the building that were untouched by the fire can be affected by it. The odors may be trapped in carpeting, drapes, and wall plastering, but the smell is not the only troubling aspect of it.  Smoke from a fire can be hazardous due to its composition, which includes toxic chemicals, wood, plastics, leather, and synthetic materials. Property owners should avoid entering the building immediately after a fire has been extinguished, as the smoke might contain potential health hazards.

Building materials may corrode due to smoke and chemical residues, and the building structure may become weak from moisture accumulation. When exposed to large amounts of soot and acid smoke, alabaster, marble, and plastic can all turn yellow in minutes. Invisible smoke particles floating through the air may contain hazardous chemicals that can cause adverse health effects like cancer and short-term respiratory problems.

So, clearly, the flames are not the only thing you should be concerned about. 

The cleanup process after a fire is very complicated and it is imperative you don’t attempt to do it on your own: not only is it a potential health risk but doing any cleanup without professional help could void any insurance coverage. You know the first crucial steps you must take after a fire, but do you know how to deal with smoke problems? 

The most important first steps involve contacting your insurance company and informing them about the fire damage, then waiting for your insurance company to process and pay the claim, so you can begin the restoration and cleanup process. However, there is a lot more that goes into it.

Once you can begin the restoration and cleaning process, it will be time to hire professional help, given the dangerous nature of the task. Let’s explore what exactly goes into smoke restoration, so you can have an idea of what you can expect: 


What does smoke restoration look like? 

In a fire-damaged property, individuals are exposed to smoke when cleanup is underway. The negative consequences of inhaling black smoke fumes on your health could last for years if proper, comprehensive cleaning isn’t done. When you contact 911FloodsRUs you don’t need to worry about that, we use deep-cleaning methods and tools to adequately restore your property.

Here is how our process works:  

  • A thorough inspection

A property can sustain structural damage from fire and smoke, and the type or degree of the damage can differ greatly. When our team of experts arrives onsite, they will examine the building and look for any potential smoke or ash damage. We will identify problems and develop a restoration plan to clean, repair, and restore your property.

  • Deep cleaning

Due to its corrosive nature, ash can slowly deteriorate your property if it falls on it. 911FloodsRUs restoration professionals will perform a comprehensive and thorough cleaning to avoid your personal property incurring irreparable damage. The type of cleaning supplies we use during the damage restoration process depends on whether the smoke damages result from simple fires or complex fires.

  • Removal of odor

The smoke particles in the air get stuck in carpets, walls, and furniture. This makes it challenging for even experts to rid the property of harsh smoke smells. The foul odors can linger for years if the property doesn’t undergo professional treatment. Our company is equipped with the necessary tools to remove smoke odor and fumes lodged in porous surfaces.


Why is it necessary? 

If you have just experienced fire damage, restoring your property is the next natural step, after ensuring you and your family are safe. No one would think twice about it: you had a fire, you need to address the situation, right? Although the flames will definitely have a more evident impact on your property, the residual smoke will also have a long-lasting impact on your house if you don’t deal with it appropriately, but not many people know that. 

The smoke penetrates quickly and deeply, necessitating the rapid action of smoke damage restoration teams. Within a few minutes, smoke converts into dry soot, causing lasting damage to any porous objects it comes into contact with. The longer the smoke and soot damage goes untreated, the worse it gets. Not to mention the smell that comes with it, it could render your house unlivable if you don’t act quickly. The reason behind fire restoration might be obvious and very apparent at first glance, but smoke restoration needs to be regarded with the same importance because it is ultimately directly related to your health. 



Repairing smoke damage requires an extensive restoration technique. Our restoration experts adhere to strict regulations and guidelines to completely remove all smoke residues and lingering smoke odors. We use advanced technological tools such as hydroxyl generators, air scrubbers, and HEPA vacuums to trap smoke particles and deodorize the environment.

Contact us if you have been affected by a fire and need immediate help in restoring your home. You can call us at (470) 851-0818 or send us an email at [email protected] for comprehensive smoke damage restoration and removal.  Let’s make sure it’s safe your your family to get back home.