What is Xactimate and why you might need it

Sep 6, 2022 | Estimates, Fire damage, Floods | 0 comments

After disasters such as floods, fire, and infestations, you need to estimate the cost of restoration, remediation, and rebuilding.

HomeAdvisor puts the average cost of home disaster recovery (removing and repairing flood-related damage) in the U.S. at $5,700. Fire damage recovery stands at $13,120. But these figures vary widely based on factors like the insurance coverage to the specific situation in question. If you must do repairs and seek insurance compensation, you should know how to estimate the cost beforehand.

How do you establish the accurate cost of restoring your home after a fire or flooding incident? The answer is Xactimate.

What is Xactimate?

Xactimate is a leading insurance claims estimation software in the global insurance repair industry. It is a powerful tool used to create and send/receive construction estimates. The software runs on all types of operating systems (Windows, Android, & iOS) and plays a critical role in estimating repairs, restorations, new construction, and insurance claims.

Xactware is popular among insurance adjusters, insurance claims agents, independent adjusting firms, and other professionals in the construction claims and restoration industry (i.e., restoration contractors). Previously, these professionals relied on pricing books, calculators, and handwritten claims to estimate costs. With Xactimate, it’s possible for repair costs to be estimated fast and accurately. Repairs also happen faster, reducing the time a policyholder takes to get back on their feet.

How Xactimate Works

Xactimate works by gathering loss information, sketching a structure’s outline, selecting related project costs, and reviewing estimates for accuracy.

Data from sketches is used for creating cost estimates and reports aided by pricing tools. Xactimate users can upload GPS coordinates, photos, and other data, which can be saved via the cloud and accessed from any computing device.

The software analyzes material, equipment, and labor costs using comprehensive surveys and produces average price estimates. Xactimate is also able to offer accurate costing since it collects and analyses data from countless construction material suppliers and actual estimates. The software also has third-party data integration that factors worker’s compensation and taxes into final estimates. 

In simple terms, you won’t find a more accurate construction cost estimate software. Estimates are given in sections representing every component, such as a roof, flooring, etc. Individual components have removal and replacement costs based on size and corresponding totals. The software also offers information such as depreciation in estimates and gives a total summary, including taxes, contractor fees, and other costs.

Why do you need Xactimate?

There are two notable reasons why you need Xactimate:

1. Contractor and builder estimates aren’t accurate

Assuming your home is damaged by floods or fire and you call a contractor or builder, most will base their cost estimates on general knowledge. You are likely to get cost estimates based on past timelines and job estimates. If your contractor or builder is involved in the insurance settlement discussion with an insurance company’s adjuster, they will be disadvantaged. There is no comparison with the level of cost accuracy offered by Xactimate when compared to quotes based on general knowledge.

2. Independent estimates guarantee fair claim settlements

Xactimate also improves the odds of a property owner getting a fair settlement. The software is a source for an independent estimate. As your insurance company does its own costing, you can also do your own repair estimates. This helps you to level the playing field while negotiating for a settlement. Instead of saying you are rejecting an offer because it is low, you will have a professional-looking estimate supported by documentation/evidence.


How can you use Xactimate? 

Homeowners who need flood, fire, or other emergency restoration services don’t usually have time to understand the Xactimate software. There is a lot that goes into it and you need proper training to get the best out of Xactimate. Poorly trained contractors or builders are bound to come up with lower, inaccurate estimates since they can’t be able to sketch complex structural components effortlessly, access and input reliable price information, and use other notable features correctly. That’s where our professional Xactimate estimate services come in. Here at 911 Floods R Us, we know how stressful it can be to go through a disaster that really impacts your house and could potentially have a serious impact on your life. This is why we are here! Among our various restoration and mitigation services after a fire, flood, and storm services, we also have a team specially dedicated to Xactimate estimates. 

Taking care of your house after a disaster entails many things, and addressing the financial side of it with an accurate estimate is a key component that should never be overlooked. The monetary impact this whole situation can have is just as important as getting back on your feet, so allows us to take care of it for you. We’ll work with the Xactimate software to find the best solution possible for your needs and, once we have the complete picture of your loss information, we can even start to restore your home, together. We can take care of everything for you, from the moment the emergency is contained to when you are reentering your newly restored/rebuilt home.


If you reside in Lawrenceville, GA, or the greater Atlanta area, 911 Floors R Us will be happy to offer you professional Xactimate estimates and much more. Call us at  (470) 851-0818, we work Monday through Sunday from 12 a.m. to 12 a.m. or click here to contact us and get your free estimate.